Grassholm Island

Sail past Whitesands, Ramsey Island, Solva, Newgale, Broad Haven, Little Haven and take a swim at Sandy Haven.  Go to Ramsey Island, Skomer Island, Grassholm and Caldey Island.

The most impressive wildlife sight in Pembrokeshire is the Gannets of Grassholm, one of the largest colonies in the world of its type. The Gannet has a wingspan of almost 2 metres, making it the largest North Atlantic seabird. During the breeding season, April to September, more than 34,000 breeding pairs nest on the northern side of the island, protected from the prevailing South Westerly winds. Over many years, their bird droppings have stained the rock white. In consequence, when you approach the island by boat, having travelled 10 miles offshore, it looks very much like a bun sitting on the ocean with icing sugar on top!

Stunning photographs of the Gannets can be obtained while anchored off Grassholm. You will see the birds gracefully circling overhead, busying themselves on the congested rock, finding their nests with pinpoint landings, and feeding their young. The adult birds have gleaming white bodies, long narrow wings with black tips, and a pointed tail; this makes them visible at great range. Juveniles are dark and fluffy, becoming lighter as they mature at three years of age. At sea, these magnificent birds plunge-dive from heights of up to 100 feet, making an eye-catching splash, emerging sometime later with their fishy meal safely tucked away - an amazing sight to behold. 

For Boat Trips to Grassholm and around the Pembrokeshire Coast:


If you intend visiting Skomer then why not spend a rewarding week travelling around to see all of Pembrokeshire’s wildlife and wonderful scenery?

Choosing one of Whitesands Cottages properties would be an ideal place to stay. Three cottages overlook Whitesands Beach and Ramsey Island beyond; one looks out from a smugglers cove towards Skomer on the horizon.


Alternatively, if you prefer camping, then Whitesands Camping, St Davids, offers the opportunity to pitch right next to Whitesands Beach and the Pembrokeshire Coast path.

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